Apulia of dry stone walls

The history of dry stone walls is older than you think. Widespread throughout the world, they are the first form of human construction that, even today, resists time. With its rough or semi-finished stones it divides the land, especially in Puglia, among the olive trees.

An unexpected recognition for the “art of dry stone walls” arrived in November 2018 when UNESCO included it in the list of intangible elements and declared it World Heritage.

And this because they represent “a harmonious relationship between man and nature”.

“It is one of the first examples of human manufacture and is present in various capacities in almost all Italian regions, both for housing purposes and for purposes related to agriculture”.

Stone walls often “play a vital role in the prevention of landslides, floods, avalanches, in fighting land erosion and desertification, improving biodiversity and creating the best microclimatic conditions for agriculture “.

Italy presented the nomination together with Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. Puglia was among the promoter regions of the candidacy to protect its old own tradition, but that in practice unites the whole Italian Peninsula.

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